West Coast Surf School Ericeira Portugal

At West Coast Surf school, you get more than just classes. The idea is to share great surf moments between like minded surfers. They will take you to places around Ericeira to get invigorating and relaxing experience.

As a part of the surf school they offer Surf board rentals and off course all the necessary equipment for a perfect surf experience. They recommend that you take some classes before going on your own. That way you will be to find the best board for your skills and you will get inside into regarding channels, reefs and breaks in the Ericeira area.

West Coast’s surf school has lessons for everyone - beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. Learning how to surf will be about staying safe in the water, developing your skills in fun environment – and most of all respecting and preserving the nature.  

Vision, Mission and values of West Coast Surf school - quotes from their website:

"Provide the highest quality of surfing instruction and customer service as well as instill love for the ocean and the environment"

"Teach beginners and athletes alike the joys and principles of surfing, while ensuring safety in the water, developing skills riding waves, and respecting and preserving nature"

"Safety, fun, progress, sustainability, physical and psychological fitness & well-being"

Beginner surf lessons
Beginners are welcome no skills or maybe you have tried on your own and need some help to improve the skill set. All basics will be covered throughout the beginner classes.

You will be educated in how to see ocean conditions, get safe in and out of the water, wave breaks together with riding the waves. You begin with shallow waters until you feel comfortable and then you can be taken further out where you will try out the bigger waves. If you don't know if surfing is for you then try a day or two - but you will have to use 5-7 days to improve your level. 

Intermediate surf classes

Surf lessons for the Intermediate Surfer are in held smaller groups and here the focus will be selection of the waves, timing and quick pop up. Basic turns and maneuvers will be taken in to consideration. All this will give you the feeling of surfing and the ability to advance on your own.

As always during your stay at West Coast Surf School safety is the top priory.

Surf lessons for the advanced surfer
Taking surfing to the next level is what you will do in the advanced classes. They are mainly held for surfers who have been surfing for more than 6 months or completed the Intermediate course. Here you will spend some time selecting the local spots – find the right breaks and using tide data.

Instructors will teach you when the best waves will be. Your surfing will progress from "riding to ripping" as we go into depth with key surfing maneuvers such as bottom-turn, top turn, and cutback.