Activity Surf Center Ericeira Portugal

Activity Surf Center Ericeira is more than a surf school with a shop in the centre of the village. They offer surf camp at the surf house where yoga and surf classes are available. The surf house offers hostel like accommodation with a kitchen, so you can make your own lunch or dinner.

Breakfast buffet is included and served each morning – they use fresh, local ingredients, seasonal fruit, bread, yoghurt, oats, smoothies, juices, coffee and tea. The house has a nice balcony, living room for guest to enjoy cable TV, surf movies, books, board games, free Wi-Fi, kitchen equipped with basic utilities to prepare your own meal.

Facilities like dining room, shared equipped Kitchen, two shared bathrooms and a twin room and 2 shared dorms. Nearest beach is Praia dos Pescadores (fisherman’s beach). Yoga classes can be booked with surcharge and will give time to relax outside the surfing lessons.

Activity Surf Center has divided their surf lessons into two levels. The standard beginner classes and Intermediate.

Activity Surf Center beginner surf lessons
If you have never surfed before then you should start with the beginner lessons. You will given an introduction in the basic skills needed to surf and you will probably be able to catch the first wave. The licensed instructor will also give you the basic safety instructions, so you won’t hurt yourself or others. When basics are learned they will try to develop your skills to ride as many waves as possible.

The training will consist of both basic moves, theory and techniques of surfing. The instructors will to create a safe and friendly environment where you learn as much as possible during the course.

The goal of the course is that you’re able to surf small waves all by yourself - It’s all about having fun together.

Activity Surf Center Intermediate surf lessons
This course is for surfers who can ride the waves on their own. The instructors will focus more on technique and take you to some of their favorite places.