As a World Surf Reserve Ericeira offers some of the best surf courses in Portugal. Find, search and compare Surf schools in Ericeira and book directly with the school. No commission for external surf booking sites. Surf lessons are typical divided into 3, 5 or 7 days making it possible for you to rest and reflect about each lesson and having fun with others from the group on your Surf holiday in Ericeira.

Na Onda Surf Ericeira - South of the village
Na Onda surf school is situated on Foz do Lizandro beach. Offering Kids Surflessons, Adults Lesson, Group lessons and private lessons. With a combined experience of over 40 years of teaching (water and wintersports) you can be sure that you will benefit vastly from a private lesson. The team of instructors here at NaOnda will do everything to make sure you will be able to stand up on a surfboard and get that beautiful sensation of gliding in on a wave.

Blue Ocean Ericeira Surf School - North of the village
Blue Ocean surf School is located in Ribeira Dilhas Beach near Ericeira. The school guarantees quality teaching with special attention to safety. The surf lessons will be planned daily by the surf monitors, taking into consideration the surf level of participants and weather conditions. Qualified instructors that speak Portuguese, English and Spanish. Classes lasting about two hours. Prices include: surfboard + wetsuit + insurance + instructor accredited by the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

Pocean Surf Academy - Ribeira d’Ilhas’ beach
The Pocean Surf Academy is a Surfing school for both those who wish to learn to Surf and those who want to improve their skills in Surf. All the Teachers are trained and certified by the Portuguese Surf Federation. The courses take place at the renowned beach of ‘Ribeira d’Ilhas’ in Ericeira, internationally recognized as one of the best Surfing spots in Europe and part of the 1st European Surfing reserve, assigned by the Save the Waves Coalition.

Activity Surf Center
Activity surf center is offering both surf classes for beginners and Intermediate, but also feates a surf hostel. Beginners: This course is for you that never surfed before, or haven’t surfed for a while and want to refresh all the basics once again. We will give you a easy going introduction to surfing, and share all the moments when you catch your first waves. Intermediate: This level is made for those that are no longer beginners or can catch and ride a white water waves on your own. The intermediate level will focus on paddling to the outside and ride the waves both right and left. Our instructor will bring to you all the best from surfing and give you the possibility of catch as many waves as you can and have as much fun as possible when out surfing.

The ERICEIRA SURF CENTER is the premier Surf Center in Ericeira Portugal, and is situated at the Ericeira Camping. Starting off is easy in small groups and with special training equipment, even children can easly learn to surf. The approved and experienced surfing instructors are ready to make you a batter surfer, with lessons from complete beginner to advance freestyle level.

West Coast Surf School
Their goal is to show you the beauty of Ericeira - the ONLY World Surfing Reserve site in Europe - in a safe and sustainable way. West Coast Surf School is more than just classes. They create incredible experiences and lifelong memories for beginner and skilled surfers alike.

Surf Riders Ericeira
The Surfriders Ericeira is, as the name already implies, all about surfing and the pure feeling of freedom that comes with the surfsport and a life by the ocean