Near some of the largest beaches you will find a number of great Ericeira beach apartments! No matter if you want it in local style or with swimming pool anything is possible in the surfing village.

To make your choice among all Ericeira beach apartments we advise you:

Take minute to consider if you want to go surfing or just going to the beach. Many of the beaches have lots of surfers and it might feel a little crowded. One of the major surf beaches is Foz do Lizandro - This beach is so big that you will find room for both surfers and regular beach lovers. To choose your apartment according to the quality of its amenities and its price of course, but also according to its distance from the center if you plan to go for dinner rather than staying the apartment.

Where are the Ericeira beach apartments?
Most of them are in condominiums near the N247 road going from Ericeira to Sintra. The beaches like south beach, Foz do Lizandro and Praia dos Pescadores commonly known as fisherman’s beach.

Below you will find some of the places we recommend